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We supply RFID products to access control integrators solely for the use at gated communities, unlike traditional RFID suppliers that are designed primarily for Toll roadways. Our systems are reliable, secure, and cost effective for gated communities.

Sync RFID Products

Sync RFID specializes in vehicular RFID systems for gated communities and parking applications.

Parking Applications

Our RFID system can provide a reliable, hands free access control solution for businesses, communities and any other area where vehicular access control is needed.

Gated Community

Gated Communities

We provide reliable and cost effective solutions that can meet the needs of any size gated community. It is easier than ever to switch from a remote or barcode system to a state of the art Sync RFID system.

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Provide reliable and cost effective RFID access control systems to system installers. We will always stand behind our product and deliver our products in a timely manner to the installing professionals.

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Our Strategy

Sync RFID products are sold through distributors. We never sell direct to the end user and we believe in staying loyal to the installing companies. Our products can currently be purchased through Amazon Industries and Remote Access Sales. Interested in becoming a dealer please click here.


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